Pottery Party

 2 hours of studio time     $20 per child

Each child will choose a piece of pottery (valued up to $21) upon arrival.

  • 4 Painter/Child minimum required to book

  • Studio Assistant present to host, instruct, and keep things running smoothly

  • Package recommended for children of any age

The Birthday Boy/Girl's parents are responsible for pick-up (7 days after 3pm, bagged & labelled) to distribute. 

Canvas Party

2.5 hours of studio time    $25 per child

For children ages 6 and up only (Birthday child may be turning 6)

  • 6 Painter/Child minimum required to book

  • Canvas Instructor present to teach/host and keep things running smoothly

  • 12x12 Canvas for each painter

  • Aprons provided (acrylic paint is permanent in clothing if it dries)

  • Choose from catalog of existing paintings or e-mail ideas (after booking).

The children take their paintings home same-day. While you still pay for absent canvas painters, the unpainted canvases are yours to take and enjoy at your leisure. 

Both packages require a $25 Non-refundable Booking Fee. This fee is not included in the final bill, but holds your reservation allowing it to be moved in  case of emergency/illness/bad weather/etc. 

10% Service Charge is added to final bill at check-out, after the party is finished.

For reservations or information:

Call the Studio at 412-787-5790 to check availability.

Both packages include balloons, a cupcake and juice box for each painter, and general decorations.

Feel free to bring any additional food of (pizza delivery, family favorites, potluck, etc).