How does this work?


Range:   $7-$90

Average:   $21-$32

Price includes use of bisque paint, any design materials needed, and the firing done on-site by KNK Staff. 


Holidays may affect business hours; please call.

  1. Pick your piece. Prices are written on the bottom, and will include all the materials necessary to make your masterpiece.

  2. Pay at the register (we'll also get you started with instructions at this time). We accept cash, credit cards, and ApplePay. We’ll ask for a phone number at this time just in case of emergency or delay regarding your pick-up.

  3. Prepare your piece by mapping out your design at your table. If you need to sketch anything out, ask for a no.2 pencil and eraser from the front desk.

  4. Pick colors with a staff member present to let you know all about the finishes. We will get messy and pour the paint for you.

  5. Paint to your heart's desire. There's no time limit (unless it's near closing time).

  6. Pick up your piece 7 days later, after 3pm.  Just one short week, and your piece will be ready to use/display.

Glass, Wood, Mosaic

Glass - $15 for 1/$25 for two pieces

Wood - $20-$45

Price includes materials.


Holidays may affect business hours; please call.

  1. Select your piece.

  2. Pay at the register.

  3. Allow the Studio Staff to pour/mix acrylic paint for you or aid you in tile selection if you’ll be doing your wood cut-out as a mosaic.

  4. Design and create your piece!

    • For glass and wood, stencils are available. The staff will be happy to share some tips and tricks as well.

    • For mosaic, map our your tiles first before gluing them down.

  5. Let your piece dry; it normally takes 15-20min. once you’re done. Go grab some grub at the food court or finish your other shopping, and your pieces will be ready when you get back!

    • Mosaic makers will select black, white, or gray grout kits to take home at this time. All instructions and materials for grouting are in the kit.

**Note:  YOU CANNOT SHARE ACRYLIC PAINT WITH CERAMIC PAINTERS. The two mediums require different types of paint. Bisque paint will not stick to your glass, and acrylic paint cannot be fired on ceramic pieces.**


Class Pricing:

$35 for 2 & 2.5 hour classes

$40 for 3 hour classes

*Special pricing for couples’ sessions.

Walk-In/DIY Pricing & Info:

8X10 inch = $17

11x14 inch = $25

16x20 inch = $32

  • Choose your size

  • Pay at the desk

  • Freestyle is strongly encouraged, but you can also ask for the pattern book of available pieces (instructions included).

  • Painters are not permitted to copy the pieces off the walls unless they are in the pattern book.


Walk in or come to one of our scheduled classes, you can now get the best of both worlds!

Classes are normally offered (and walk-in patterns are recommended) for ages 6 through adult unless specified otherwise; each class listing will inform you of the age/level. 


  • Are instructor-led.

  • You must paint what you registered for, but feel free to customize your colors/style/etc. Cancellations for full refund are allowed up to 1(one) day before the class.

  • No-Shows and late painters (over 30 minutes after class starts, with no notification) will not be allowed to join the session and will forfeit their payment.

  • For Adult Paint & Sip classes, painters must be 18 to attend and 21 to bring/consume alcohol. Our staff can (and will) check ID's if we believe a painter is underage to attend and/or drinking underage. If this occurs, we have the right to contact authorities. Painters in violation will not receive a refund.

  • Open Canvas - Painters can come anytime on Tuesdays and paint their own original masterpieces. Paintings offered by Kolor-N-Kiln for class sessions cannot be duplicated during Open Canvas. It’s all about your creativity.

  • If there is a painting in particular that isn't being offered any time soon, but you really want to paint it, feel free to set up a private event on or off site.

All other information regarding canvas classes can be found on our Facebook  "events" or by going directly to our profle.